You're learning a lot of great stuff. In fact, if you've been following along with me for the past couple of weeks, you should already be surprised with how much you've already learned!

But don't forget to use it! Always remember that it's not a race, and that there are no points given to the guy who finishes the lesson first. The winner is all of us, when we can talk to more people because we've learned a new language, and the only way to get there is by practice!

Remind yourself at every opportunity — at least for a few minutes each day, but more if you can remember — to practice your new words and phrases! When you arrive at work in the morning, don't say "good morning", say Buongiorno! When you pass someone, don't say "excuse me", say scusi!

Look around you when you're at the red light and think, "hmmm how do I say red light?" You already know "red", so when you get a moment, go look up "light!" When you're at Starbucks, take note of the fact that grande means "big", caffè means "coffee", and macchiato means "stained", so when you're ordering a grande caffè macchiato, you're really asking for "a large coffee, with a blot of milk".

Try reading addresses, or posted speed limit signs in Italian. Try naming the professions of people you see: policeman, teacher, bus driver, doctor. These are all words that you have probably learned by now. Use them!



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