How To Use Hürriyet To Learn Turkish Vocabulary


In a previous post, I told about my excitement when I found the Turkish web site Hürriyet. Today I will quickly discuss one of the neat things I've been able to do on that site.

Among the many links on the main navigation is one that says Foto Galeri, which I believe should be easy enough to figure out, even for someone who knows no Turkish. When you click on it, you are presented with several photo sets related to news or current events.

Each has a date and a headline, and there's certainly plenty to be learned from that, but we always learn more from what we repeatedly use, so the best way to use this is to click into several photosets and browse around!

When you do that, you find a few bits of vocabulary that are sure to be useful over and over again: geri and ileri, which mean back and forward; slayt başlat which means start slideshow; and saniye which means seconds, and is used in selecting the delay during a slideshow.

I particularly like how slayt sounds like the word slide (it's no doubt a loanword), but it also gets used to mean slideshow in this context.

Looking at these words once isn't enough to remember them. But you'll find that as you click through some of the slideshows in the gallery, you find yourself going back to geri and ileri over and over, and those words start to sink into your mind.

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