Learn To Speak Italian Fluently IN ONE YEAR

celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square | visit all 50 states in the US |
live abroad | marry the girl of my dreams | see the Eiffel Tower |
achieve zero debt | see the Great Wall of China |
ride a gondola in Venice | learn Russian |
visit the Grand Canyon | see the pyramids in Egypt | go on safari in Africa |
see the Statue of Liberty | risk my life for something I believe in |
visit the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania | set foot on all seven continents |
create a successful blog | drive on the Autobahn |
have my photography published | bench press 225 lbs |
see Mount Rushmore |
ride the trans-siberian railroad | learn to fly a helicopter |
celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans |
bungee jump |
learn to tango | participate in La Tomatina | run a full marathon | skydive |
drive a porsche | see the Leaning Tower of Pisa |
learn to salsa dance | go to Oktoberfest in Münich |
earn a living outside of an office |
learn to speak Spanish |
see Big Ben | appear in a movie (even as an extra) |
see the Gateway Arch in St. Louis |
teach a child about something I love | visit the Kremlin | ride in a hot air balloon |
see Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro | visit Auschwitz |
see the Brandenburg Gate | compete on the game-show Jeopardy! |
attend the Victory Day parade in Moscow |
visit Yellowstone Park |
see the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio | go to Niagara Falls | fly first class |
visit the Space Needle in Seattle |
sell an iPhone/iPad app in the iTunes store | sell an Android app in the Google Play store |
tour the Colosseum |
translate a conversation across two two languages without English

Progress I’m making

I have visited all 48 continental states in the US. Only Hawaii and Alaska remain.

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