One Year Experiment: Learn To Speak French

I'm getting off to a late start, but I'm really excited for this year's project, because it is once again a new experiment!

This year, I have decided I want to learn French. The reason I'm excited is because I've decided I'm going to learn by using it right from the start. Rather than spending extensive time studying or reading about grammar or vocabulary lists, I'm just going to jump straight into use.

Spoiler alert: I've already begun.

I'm watching French films on Netflix. I'm listening to French music. I'm finding reading materials online in French. And I'm going to start with a book as soon as I can pick one.

As you can imagine, comprehension is extremely low right now, and I'm spending a lot of time putting the things I see, hear, and read through translators... but I'm learning phrases and usage right from the start, rather than learning 1-to-1 vocabulary and then struggling over understanding where colloquial or grammatical difference make break down my expectations.

It's unconventional and a bit scary at the beginning, but I'm really excited to spend a year experimenting in this way in order to (hopefully) learn something new about how languages are acquired.

Wish me luck!

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