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I recently did a small, non-scientific survey of polyglots and asked them four simple questions about language learning. I got a lot of responses, and found out several interesting things about polyglots — or at least about those in my network.

But I also found several incredible patterns. In fact, even though all the responses were free-text fields, there were some details that came up in the responses with amazing frequency — several with more than 50% frequency, and one particular detail showed up in more than 90% of responses!

I'm really excited to share with you the language-learning secret that all of these polyglots know, but there's just one catch: I wrote it as a free e-book and there's only one way to get it.

You can't buy it. You can't get trade me anything for it. The only way to get this free e-book is to follow me on Twitter. When you follow @yearlyglot on Twitter, I will send you a Direct Message with a link to this e-book. I'm no longer sending the link automatically to everyone when they follow me, but I'm still happy to send it to you by request.

I won't email it. I won't share it on Facebook. I won't even Tweet the link publicly. So if you want it, just follow me on Twitter! And if you're already following me, just ask, and I'll DM you the link.

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  • Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm going to guess that the only Polyglots that replied are those that put Polyglottery at the top of their list of important things to be in life.Sorry. Feeling extra crotchety today.

  • I don't have a twitter account. I think it's a waste of time and I really don't want to sign up, ever...

  • Although I'm very curious what you found out, I won't. I HATE twitter.…but instead I'll share something with you:
    I love this song.

  • I agree with Lisa and Judith. I DO wanna know what were the results of your survey, but Twitter is out of the question for me.

  • Wow, Debbie!

  • That's totally your choice. :)

  • Nobody's forcing you to do so.

  • Hate is a pretty strong word. Especially in all caps. Nobody's forcing you to sign up there. And my web site will stay awesome as always.

  • Oh, I was only hoping you would give the results without the Twitter account... hahahahha, better luck next time for me, then! =)

  • Eh. Spend two minutes at HTLAL and that's the conclusion you'd reach.But I'm just bitter becuause i don't have the title "Super Polyglot".:-)

  • Okay, I give in. I'll keep my personal grudge against twitter to myself and just go on reading your awesome content on your web site ;-)

  • I know it's sad but can I make up an account and you'll send it to me, even if I won't ever use it ever again? Or can you send it to me on meemi?

  • If I make an exception for even just one person, I'll be guilty of hypocrisy. The only way I'll share the link is by direct message on Twitter.

  • But you will send it if I follow you but don't use the account...?

  • Sure.

  • alright, I've made one and am following you. I'm James20121984

  • Whoa! Lots of Twitter angst here. I got the book though and it's a great read. Definitely worth the little blue bird with the yellow beak.

  • I wonder if the haters are people who supported the governments that Twitter is helping to take down...

  • Personally, I love twitter. I get nuggets of information that probably wouldn't make it through my other filters. And if I don't care to follow up on something, it's a lot easier to ignore 140 characters than email, forum posts, etc.

  • I am now following you on twitter. Watch out!!!
    Send me the link to this amazing book per favore?

  • oops, i meant @TheDrumDept
    Oh yeah and I bought your e-book on how to learn Italian. A lot of great stuff in there. Feeling really motivated and the section on grammar was explained really well!!!

  • Thanks for the compliments on the Italian book. I'll be updating it soon.

  • So, Randy, apparently it's impossible to send a DM if you follow a person who doesn't follow you back. Which happens to be in my case. Can I request a link to the book (@roman_druzyagin)?

  • Roman, the point is that if you're following me, I can send you the link, by DM. You don't have to request it that way. :)

  • Cool!!!

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