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I recently did a small, non-scientific survey of polyglots and asked them four simple questions about language learning. I got a lot of responses, and found out several interesting things about polyglots — or at least about those in my network.

But I also found several incredible patterns. In fact, even though all the responses were free-text fields, there were some details that came up in the responses with amazing frequency — several with more than 50% frequency, and one particular detail showed up in more than 90% of responses!

I'm really excited to share with you the language-learning secret that all of these polyglots know, but there's just one catch: I wrote it as a free e-book and there's only one way to get it.

You can't buy it. You can't get trade me anything for it. The only way to get this free e-book is to follow me on Twitter. When you follow @yearlyglot on Twitter, I will send you a Direct Message with a link to this e-book. I'm no longer sending the link automatically to everyone when they follow me, but I'm still happy to send it to you by request.

I won't email it. I won't share it on Facebook. I won't even Tweet the link publicly. So if you want it, just follow me on Twitter! And if you're already following me, just ask, and I'll DM you the link.

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