Hurrà Blackhawks!

After cheering for the Blackhawks all season long, I got to see them hoist the Stanley Cup.

Today I'm taking a day off from blogging.

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  • And you deserve it! Truth be told, I stopped watching after my beloved Habs got eliminated. Their dynasty will reign once more... eventually.

  • I'm sure you can understand how much it pains me to say this as a Canucks fan but the Hawks were a great team and deserved the win. The best part of it being over though? Now Toews can finally get rid of those hideous mutton chops he calls a play-off beard!

  • Agreed! He looks ridiculous.

  • Nice blog you have here. I'll be back again to see how your Italian is going. Good luck!

  • Thanks. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress as well. :)

  • For now, I think the dynasty looks like it could be in Chicago... this is a young, talented team, which has only gotten better each of the last three years. It's scary to think what they could be like with more improvement next year!

  • Totally off-topic but I just read about the Byfuglien trade. I know salary cap played a big part in this, but I'm socked that they let him go for what I would consider to be so little in return. Oh well, I hope it works out well for your boys in the end.

  • It's horrible! Of all the players on the team, I would have thought he was untouchable. And in this one trade, they've let their three most physical players go.It's almost as if they want to guarantee an early exit from the playoffs next year.

  • I waited until there were multiple reports because I honestly didn't believe it when I read it last night. Totally shocking. I could understand if they got something back in return but it really seems like the Hawks are getting the short end of the stick.Of course, as a Canucks fan, I secretly love it.

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