How To Say 'Just About To...' In Italian

As we covered in the last post, there are a few special cases in Italian where we use the verb stare. Today I just want to talk briefly about one of those cases.

Stare per ...

The phrase stare per [...] indicates action on the verge of happening. It is always followed by an infinitive verb.

For instance:

Maria sta per andare al negozio.
Maria is just about to go to the store.

Questo gioco sta per finire.
This game is about to end.

Pronto? Ciao, Carlo. Stavo giusto per chiamarti.
Hello? Oh, hi Carlo. I was just about to call you.

Credo che qualcosa di brutto stia per succedere.
I think something bad is about to happen.

So that's it. Just a short update today.

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  • Rigardo al terzo esempio, nel caso che non lo sapessi, si risponde al telefono dicendo 'Pronto?'.

  • Molto grazie! Ho aggiornato il testo di conseguenza.

  • Two little amendments:"Io stavo per chiamare te" literally means "I was going to call you (and you called me first). To say "I was just about to call you" it would be more natural to say "Stavo giusto per chiamarti!".***"Credo che qualcosa di brutto STA per succedere." = when using "Credo che...", we use to put the following verb in the Subjunctive Form in order to express doubt, possibility, uncertainty, or personal feelings. So your sentence becomes "Credo che qualcosa di brutto STIA per succedere."Very interesting blog! Continua cosi'!

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