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My year of Italian is drawing to a close, and the end of this project is also the beginning of the a new adventure. But don't write the obituary For Italian just yet. Even as I'm starting to think about starting over next year with a new language, there's still more to come from Italian.

I've already mentioned my work on an e-book, in which I will share many more details about how I've learned to speak fluent Italian in just one year without traveling to Italy and without spending my time studying. My work on that e-book is almost done, and I plan to make it available soon!

I also have a few other exciting announcements to make soon, not least of which is to finally reveal my choice of language for next year — and I'll bet it will be quite a surprise to some of you!

If you want to be the first to know which language I'll be learning in 2011, or to get details on the e-book before everyone else (including a special introductory price) then you need to sign up for the new Yearlyglot mailing list!

It's completely free, and your information is 100% private. I will never share your names or email addresses or any other personal information with anyone else. I will only use that data for one purpose: to share my special news and announcements with you, before I share them with anyone else!

I'll also take time to answer individual questions I receive from you, so if you have questions, feel free to ask me anything! I look forward to sharing the answers with you, and everyone else who subscribes.

So don't delay. I've added a form to the bottom of this post. Take a moment to add you name and email, and be the first to know what I've got planned!

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  • Randy Yearlyglot

    How will we know that you have learned Italian fluently...?Choose French to learn next.

  • Randy Yearlyglot

    My skype contact is right there at the top-right part of every page of this web site. Anyone who doubts my fluency is welcome to call me and decide for themself whether or not I meet their definition of fluency.French? I'll say this much: it is one of the five languages from which I've made my choice. So, there's a 20% chance that will be it. If you want to find out before everyone else, sign up for the mailing list! :)

  • Randy Yearlyglot

    I have just tried to sign up for your mailing list but have failed.
    It gives an error message like Page not found.
    Could you do something about it, please?
    Thanks for your help.

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