The Best Ebook To Help You Learn Italian

There were a few occasions when I thought the moment would never arrive, but it's happened. The Italian e-book is available.

This is my first time writing any kind of book, and as a perfectionist it was hard to ever reach a point where I felt like it was "ready." But after a lot of hard work, I've gathered some really good information into a book that I'm proud to share.

This is the culmination of a year of learning Italian, as well as learning about learning. There is a lot of information in this book that is specifically meant for those who are learning Italian, but there's also a lot of information in here about languages and learning in general, which is surely helpful even if you're not interested in Italian.

Introductory offer

I wanted the book to be accessible to as many people as possible, so I've made it available for the first few weeks at an incredibly low introductory price of only $18. I can only keep that low price for the next two weeks. After that, it has to go up. But I wanted to make sure that everyone who wants it has a chance to get it now at the lower price.

I can't wait to hear feedback on what's in there, as well as how I could make it even better. I'm already looking forward to updating it with stories and results from my experiences here in Italy! Updates will be free, of course, no matter when you buy or what price you pay.

I've also written a mini e-book, called Getting the most out of Google (when learning a new language), intended to make you a Google ninja, capable of finding everything you need to learn a new langauge. I guarantee you will find something in there that you didn't know you could do with Google. And best of all, this second book is included with the Italian book, absolutely free.

Go check it out while the price is still low. After February 1, the price goes up 40%.

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Author: Yearlyglot
I'll lead you through a 12 month journey from knowing absolutely nothing about a language to having professional fluency.

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  • Hi, and well done. Does this book cover your whole method for learning? Can you guarantee proficiency in the language after we read this?

  • Also, is this a collection of your posts from the past year or is there extra stuff? [edit: ignore that. Just found the page where you buy it]

  • I'm honestly quite interested in that Google e-book, that should be interesting.

  • That seems like a silly question. Nobody can guarantee proficiency except you. Would you hold up any other proper language course to that same scrutiny (that would be silly too, BTW)?A person only gets something out of a ΅method" if they're willing to put in a good deal of effort. And how would he, as the author, even gauge the effort you or anyone else puts into learning a language?

  • Ah, good point. I didn't think about that. Yes, I would hold it up to the same scrutiny so I don't see your problem with being cautious. Oh well, everyone has their own views.I have just downloaded it though and it is very good. I will put in a lot of effort into this method. The grammar section was also very helpful. So's the free ebook. Well done to Randy!

  • Can I find somewhere on this blog a video in which you speak fluent Italian or you just expect people to take your word for it?

  • Hey Randy I think if you included a video of you speaking Italian on the sales page (either promoting the product or just talking)...your sales would skyrocket! Looking forward to reading it man.

  • Yeah, Im going to add a video.

  • You're welcome to take my word for it... Or, you can wait until I get a moment to make and upload a video.

  • Thanks

  • I can't guarantee anything more than the fact that you'll get material I worked very hard to put together. Proficiency is your own responsibility.

  • There is some information that's already on the blog, but it's not just a copy-paste of my blog posts. Every word of that book was written from scratch.

  • Randy,I'd like to purchase your e-book, as it looks promising and the extra info about leveraging Google to learn languages seems fantastic. I do however have a couple questions before I buy:1. If you update the book with new techniques from this year, would someone that had already purchased it, receive those updates for free?2. Do you plan on having your book translated into other languages? If so, would those editions be free to someone that had already purchased it?Keep up the great work! I enjoy your blog immensely.

  • I would definitely recommend it! I can't answer your questions by the way but it is clearly structured, resourceful and also the intro explains just why Randy and everyone learns the ways they do (read the part about the brains).

  • 1. Updates will be free. I'm keeping a list of the emails used during purchase, for this purpose.2. I don't currently have any plans to have it translated. If that changes, I'll decide at that time whether or not to make those free as updates.

  • The Google ebook is something I plan to continuously grow and update, and I will eventually make it available on its own, separately from the Italian product.

  • Thanks for responding. I think that I will pick up a copy. Arabic is my main language focus this year, but I've been dabling half-heartedly in the Italian language on and off for the last few years. My reading and listening skills are pretty good (mostly because I know Portuguese & Spanish), but I would like to spend more time with Italian output activities this year (in addition to my Arabic studies) to really use the language and make it a part of my daily life. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for your recommendation. I think that I have decided to pick up a copy and check it out. I'm looking forward to it!

  • Any excerpts?


  • Just go ahead and buy it. ;-) I guarantee it's written with care just in just the same manner that Randy has written this blog with. And yes, he's open to useful critique (I've already given him a couple so far).

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