Why I Hate Language Blogger Debates And Arguments

Do you want to see what happens when one language blogger tells another language blogger his opinion? Get ready, because it's going to be no holds barred, non-stop, uncensored language-learning debate action!

Except for one thing: there won't be any of that on my web site. Not here.

Enough of the nonsense

Lately I there have been a lot of language learning debates going on. One person's method pitted against another. One person's opinion defended against another.

So much disagreement! Such drama! Relationships lost. Enemies made! It's like watching reality tv. No, it's worse. I think it would be much more fun if there were actual wrestling, or violence... then one person could prove his mind is superior to another by beating the snot out of him. Intellect at its finest!

I hate it. Why take sides? Whether you're writing blogs, or making videos, creating lessons, teaching grammar, translating, answering forums, writing eBooks, or any combination of all of those things, the end result is that we're all doing this in hope of helping people who want to learn.

Why did I start this blog? It wasn't that long ago — certainly not long enough for me to forget my reasons — I feel like I have some insights, some tricks, some unique perspectives to share with people that could help make it easier to learn a new language.

That's why we do this, right? Because we want to help people. Right? But manufactured disagreements don't help anyone. In fact, if anything, they only serve to confuse people! If two trusted and intelligent "experts" discuss their shared area of expertise at length and never reach an agreement, the only thing they succeed in doing is proving to all of their viewers that neither of them knows what he's talking about!

What's helpful about spending 30 minutes arguing about when to ignore grammar and when to learn it? What's so helpful about arguing with someone who does something a little differently than you? What is gained by attacking and insulting someone whose primary message to everyone is just to stay positive and have fun?

Several language bloggers have participated in these debates, but it seems that one in particular is always at the center of it. And if you've been paying attention, you already know that he's also the one who never reaches an agreement with anybody. By now it should be pretty clear that he does it to create drama, not for the purpose of helping people learn, but for attention.

I don't have as many readers as the other language bloggers, and I know I'm still the new guy, but I'm going to say right here and right now that you'll never see me involved in any of these "debates". My first goal is always to help you, my readers, to learn.

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