Book Review: Language Is Music by Susanna Zaraysky

Language is Music

Last week, it was my great honor to receive a copy of Language is Music, a captivating book written by Susanna Zaraysky, about learning languages that seemed to steal the thoughts from my head and the feelings from my heart and pour them all out far more succinctly than I ever could.

About the book

Unlike my insistence that I do not have any special talents for language learning, Susanna found that she did, in fact, happen to have a special advantage. There was something about her that did give her an increased talent for learning, but I won't spoil that surprise here. She did an excellent job of keeping me curious as I read along, and then excitedly gasping "aha!" when she finally revealed it.

Susanna's gift may have made learning easier for her, but even in spite of that, most of the tricks she discovered along the way were the very same tricks I have discovered... some of which I have written about on this blog, but many of them are things I still haven't figured out how to put into words.

Fortunately, Susanna has another special gift — she is an excellent communicator who makes the most unusual, abstract language concepts easy to understand. She tells about learning a language in the vocabulary of music, relating it to concepts like tune, rhythm, and melody to teach you how to speak like a native.

But she is also a captivating story teller, with a life story that is interesting and worth telling. In fact, I was left wanting more. Language is Music is an easy read. I was so absorbed that I read the entire thing in a little more than one hour.

The book is packed full of keen observations about language and the best ways to learn it quickly and make it stick. But it is also filled with stories of travel, of making new friends, and the exciting experiences that only become possible when you embrace a second language. And if all of that isn't enough, she's also include so many links to useful web sites that it would take you weeks to visit them all — many were new to me!

I would love to write out all of the details here, but I don't want to give anything away. At $12.95, there is no excuse for you not to read it yourself, and discover the passion for languages that seems to ooze contagiously from the text.

The web site is LanguageIsMusic. I am not receiving any commission or gifts of any kind — I write this because if I were to write a book about language learning it would be the one she wrote. Only mine wouldn't be as good.

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