New Host, New Name is now All the old links will still work, and you don't have to update anything.

Leaving GoDaddy

Until yesterday, I hosted this web site, along with almost a dozen others, on GoDaddy, but last night I moved away from GoDaddy to a new hosting provider.

In the last two weeks, GoDaddy's web servers have been hacked at least three times, and each time thousands of web sites were compromised — including this one. That's just too much. Once is forgivable. Twice is embarrassing. But three times is a pattern.

Fortunately I am a programmer, so it was easy for me to write tools and scripts to clean up the damage, since these hacks were relatively minor. But if it's that easy to hack their servers, sooner or later someone will do something from which I can't recover.

Worse still, GoDaddy's position has been complete denial. They claim it is the fault of WordPress users who don't have the latest version, but this claim is a lie because a) I had the latest version and I was hacked, and b) others were hacked even though they didn't use WordPress at all.

Good timing for the change

I've been thinking that my domain name was perhaps a bit too similar to another (more popular) language blog, and it's probably appropriate that I try differentiate a little more. I've had the domain name for a while, and that actually helped to make the transition pretty seamless.

Of course the goal is still to be fluent every year, so I won't be letting go of the domain name. It will continue to work here, though all future links will point to

Meanwhile, I apologize if anything seems weird on the web site. Disqus lost the threading for comments, but so far that seems to be the extent of the issues. Please let me know if anything doesn't seem right.

And finally, this weekend I published my 100th post. Subscribers and fans continue to grow slowly, and page views are growing at a steady pace. So I just want to say thanks to all of you for reading my web site!

And if you haven't already, tell your friends. 🙂

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