How To Get Started Learning Italian

Okay, so we've spent a week talking about learning Italian, but so far we've learned little more than the alphabet, and you're starting to wonder how anyone can be fluent in a year at this pace, right? Obviously they can't. But I still insist that this was the most important week you will have spent on the way to your goal. Everything else is just learning!

Okay, okay, don't panic. I've still got a lot of tricks up my sleeves to share with you. We're definitely going to make it more interesting and fun.

Today, it's time to start building some actual vocabulary. We're going to do this with the excellent free lessons over at LiveMocha. Not only do you get an easy, fun way to learn a new language for free... LiveMocha also gives you access to native speakers of that language! This means that instead of corrections from some teacher who doesn't care, you're getting advice from an actual Italian (or German, or Russian, etc) who is depending on you to give the same help back in his or her efforts to learn English!

You'll start by learning basic words: a boy, a man, a woman, tall, short, fat, thin. And there is a lot of repetition in the first few lessons. This is to get you used to seeing a word and hearing it pronounced, and this is exactly what you need as you get started. Later on when pronunciation isn't an issue, things will move faster.

For now, it's time to dedicate yourself to one lesson per day on LiveMocha. This isn't going to take much time. Maybe an hour or less every night. (I find I can do one in about half an hour.)

Congratulations, you're now learning something. Your adventure is underway! After your first lesson, leave me a comment here a let me know what you've learned. Ciao!

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