How Italians Use Abbreviations In Messages

The 160-character limit on SMS messages has had a worldwide impact on the use of language, leading to many creative ways of saying more in less space. But even without an imposed limit, people still use shortcuts in chat and in other places too. I recently found a list of SMS abbreviations for Italian, and I'd like to share them.

Some common abbreviations

Here are some common abbreviations and their fully spelled out meanings.

anke : anche

c sent : ci sentiamo

cmq : comunque

dm : domani

dp : dopo

dr : dire

dv 6 : dove sei

dx : destra

frs : forse

ke : che

ki : chi

km : come

kn : con

ks : cosa

mmt+ : mi manchi tantissimo

nm : numero

nn : non

prox : prossimo

qlk : qualche

qlks : qualcosa

qkl1 : qualcuno

qnd : quando

qndi : quindi

qnt : quanto

qst : questo

rsp : rispondi

scs : scusa

sl : solo

smpr : sempre

sms : messaggio

sn : sono

spr : sapere

sx : sinistra

sxo : spero

t tel + trd : ti telefono più tardi

trnqui : tranquillo

trp : troppo

tvtb : ti voglio tanto bene

vlv : volevo

xché : perché

xciò : perciò

xh : per ora

xò : però

xsona : persona

xxx : tanti baci

-male : meno male

    • x : più o meno per

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  • Bella lista! mi piace specialmente "mmt+"

  • Someone should do a list like this for every language.

  • If you have the patience to wait for one every year, I'll do it. :)

  • Some of them are very creative. Others seem quite obvious once you see them. I thought it was a great list.

  • It's interesting that so many of the abbreviations use "k" seeing as "k" doesn't exist in the the Italian alphabet! I think it is perceived as a cool "americanism"

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