Thanks For The Votes

A few weeks ago, this blog was nominated for Babla's Top 100 Language Blogs. While I certainly appreciated that, I didn't feel like I deserved it, and I even made a special request for you to vote for Benny instead of me.

I am honored to humbly report that even in spite of my request for you not to vote for me, I have still somehow managed to get into the top 10 for language learning blogs, and to be ranked #24 overall for all language blogs.

Thank you all for your support. I didn't feel as if I deserved any recognition this year, but I'm not going away and I will definitely work to earn it and I hope to place higher next year!

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  • Bravissimo Randy deserve better dude !!!

  • Grazie!

  • I find the results, well, unexpected judging by the number of comments on this site and Benny's site for that matter. Whatever...

  • What do you mean?

  • As I've said before, I get far more value from your frequent interesting posts than any other language website I subscribe to now, so you deserved my vote. There are obviously many other people who feel the same, so I'm glad to hear of your success. Here's to your position hopefully rising in next year's vote!

  • Great job Randy!! You deserve being in the top 10 :)
    Lexiophiles was my 3rd biggest supplier of traffic over the last year (after stumbleupon and facebook), so now you can enjoy the great numbers of eyeballs coming here too! Glad to see you there in the top!
    Don't worry about Friedemann ahaha he has a thing for leaving unwelcome downer comments ;)

  • Thanks. Yes, I've noticed a nice bump in traffic since making the list. That's definitely a nice side-effect. And I don't worry about anyone and their comments... you can't please everyone, eh? :)

  • Thanks, Mark. It's hard sometimes to come up with interesting things to write every day, but the rewards are worth it.

  • I don't really follow your blog a lot but I was surprised about your good score given the relatively low number of comments to many of your previous posts. You do seem to put in a lot of effort in your blog though and update it often, much more often than other blogs that rank ahead of you,Keep it up Randy!Benny, halt mal den Ball flach...

  • Congratulations!I actually voted for this site as well. Sure, I've gotten plenty of useful tips from Benny's site (as I have the many other language blogs I check, including AJATT, which I see also placed very well), but I feel I've gotten just a bit more info from here. (Plus, I had already voted before seeing your request to vote for Benny anyway.)

  • There are actually quite a lot of comments on this blog. In fact, if you compare the number of followers to the number of comments, I would be willing to guess that I'm getting one of the highest ratios for discussion out of any language-related blog. And as my number of readers continues to grow, so will the comments.Still, I'm not exactly sure how the number of comments is relevant to the ranking of the blog.Anyhow, thanks for your encouraging words.

  • Thanks. I'm glad you find my tips useful!

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