The Italian Ebook Has Been Updated

It's been a busy few months, but I've finally finished my updates to the e-book for Italian. Any time you really care about your work, it's always under construction and never really complete, but I've finally reached a point where I feel there's a lot of new value included, and I need to get it out so people can benefit from it.

Those on the mailing list already know all about it, though I haven't yet said anything on Facebook or Twitter until today. The Italian e-book itself has been updated to include new suggestions and advice for learning, additional details reflecting my own experiences after traveling around Italy for a month, along with a few corrections.

But that's just the beginning! I've also included two new supplementary e-books: Learn It Like It's English, and Travel Like A Pro, both at no additional cost! Along with the other supplementary document, Getting The Most Out of Google, that means you now get FOUR e-books when you buy one!

And finally, all four of these books have been completely reformatted! They now fit perfectly on iPad and other tablets, in addition to being easier to read on a standard computer screen. Also, colors and fonts have been updated to be more attractive and easier to read.

The price will remain the same for one more week. After that, it goes up. Updates are always free, so there's no reason to wait. Those who have already purchased this package have already received their copy of the update, absolutely free!

I'm confident that this is and excellent resource for anyone learning Italian. But there's also a lot of value there for any language learner.

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