Anyone Who Calls Language Learning Easy Is A Liar

You've probably reached this point, right?

You read the blogs, you follow the folks on twitter, you keep a positive attitude, all in the hopes that what these people are saying is really true... that one day it will click, and you'll realize all those bloggers (myself included) were right: that it's really not hard to learn a new language.

Well that day is never going to come. It IS hard.

Learning a language is hard.

But then again, so is walking.

Nothing worth doing is easy

Think about it: you actually spent two years just learning to walk. I'm willing to bet that very few people reading this can lift their own body weight. And yet on a daily basis, I have no doubt that all of you manage to balance all of that weight precariously on an ever-shifting center of gravity, while figuring the proper combination of mechanics necessary to alternate feet as points of contact with the surface below you.

In fact, I'll bet you all run, too. And when you do that, you actually do a lot of complicated mathematics and physics to propel yourself completely off of the ground with one moving limb, only to then catch your entire body weight with the other limb, safely absorb the impact, and then redirect it back outward again.

To put it another way, people spend years - even whole lifetimes - coming up with computer models to recreate this movement. You should feel very proud of yourself that it only took you less than two years to learn it.

In other words, quit whining

If you want to do something easy, turn on the television. That's a task that takes no work, I'm sure you'll master it quickly. But that's not why you're here, is it?

You want to learn a language. I'm saying you can learn it in one year. Is that easy? Maybe you say no. I say it's easier than learning to walk.

When compared to many of the things you do on a daily basis, language learning really isn't any more difficult. It's not easy, but what did you expect?

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