My Progress After Learning Turkish For 3 Months

It's been 3 months and so it's time for a progress report on Turkish. Since this year's mission involves learning in a completely new way, my usual quarterly targets don't really work. But progress is being made, and therefore it can – and should – be measured!

So where am I at with my Turkish? I'm certainly not as far along right now as I would have expected to be at this point in a normal year. I've only recently learned to make basic conjugations, and at the moment I can only form the simplest of sentences.

Off to a slow start

My vocabulary is abysmally small. I haven't armed myself with a huge list of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs that I recognize. But I have found and learned vocabulary, so it's not as if I'm not making progress. And I have discovered several gramatical features, and have done it in a way that (I believe) will be more likely to stick in my head.

As I said, in a normal year, I would have armed myself with a hugh list of vocabulary that I'd memorized as I got started in the language. But those words would have been learned out of context, so although I've learned less, I'm still feeling confident that I've learned it more effectively.

The more interesting question is whether I have learned less as a product of learning without language materials, or if it's just a result of distraction. Consider that one entire month of my first three was spent in Italy, where I surely had most of my attention on Italian (and a bit on German), and almost no attention on Turkish. And now, even as I write this, I am in Poland, where I've been working hard at getting up to a reasonable level in speaking Polish and, once again, paying very little attention to Turkish.

Realistically speaking, almost half of my first three months has been dedicated to languages other than Turkish. That definitely won't continue to be the case as this year bears on.

When I have been focused on Turkish, I feel that my progress has been rather good, and quite encouraging. I've learned a lot about the grammar just through curiosity and observation.

Going forward

The next three months won't be filled with distractions the way the first three were. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that I'll have an understanding of all — or at least most — of the grammar, and that I will have built a reasonably useful vocabulary.

I expect that by mid-way through the year I should be able to start writing Turkish entries at Lang-8. I know that going 6 months before being able to write a basic paragraph sounds like slow progress, but it's not so scary to me. There is no room for impatience in a one-year plan.

We humans go almost two full years without speaking our native language only to shoot forward to fluency in the next two. I don't see any reason that ratio can't also apply to me. (On a somewhat accelerated timeline, of course.)

With a solid foundation of grammar and vocabulary, I believe six months is plenty of time to get to fluency through use of the language. The most important thing is that I don't miss my next target.

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  • I definitely think Italy and Poland have been significant distractions, but I also don't think anyone is going to hold that against your plan. Anyone would have jumped at the opportunity of an unexpected trip, particularly if it involved a language we're interested in.Personally, I wouldn't even worry about how long it'll take before writing on lang-8, but that's because I tend to place a lot more importance on listening and speaking (and reading) before writing. Your approach this year probably necessitates writing more.In any case, you've got a lot of people cheering you on and you still have 8 months - that's plenty of time to reach your goal!

  • I have a feeling you'll be fine. Hadi, devam edin! Kolay Gelsin!

  • I'm still feeling quite confident, and I'm far from worrying.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • I agree, that's probably plenty of time. But I do think my approach necessitates that I hit my goal of writing comfortably by the time I reach my half-way point.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Interesting observation. As you point out, this route will likely start slow (or at least feel like it) but accelerate far faster and create deeper, lasting connections than explicit vocab memorization.

  • That's definitely my expectation. My primary goal with this year's mission is to prove that.

  • kolay gelsin :)
    I read somwhere that turkish and german are two languages in wich children of age 4(Turkish) can form sentences without gramatical msitakes. Becous Turkish and german have so little expetions, rules are clear and simple. I wish you all the luck in learning Turkce :) i just stumbled upon your page and i am not ifmmiliar with your method of learning(techniques used, but i will explore your page now). My suggestion for you would be to learn Simdiki zaman, Gecmis zaman, Gelecek zaman, mis zaman. to learn gerunds and this rules lkearn you can apay to any new verb that you learn, cous rules are clear, and sure there are much more tneses, but knowing thees 4 will really make a difference. Anyway, if you use other techinque and feel confortable with it go on, as i said i havent seen your page and will explore it and learn from you :) Iyi sanslar-good luck. Gorusuruz :)

  • Thanks!

  • Its obvious to learn something unknown which is
    situated in foreign land like Turkish. It’s a land of diverse people as well as
    dimensional belongings in all the way. In that case lesson about foreign
    language is must for all. To develop along with progress this issues are very
    much important plus imperative to all especially for the foreigner. Therefore
    this is an ample opportunity to find the best and worst part of Turkish

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